PrEP Cost

Great news! PrEP is covered for most patients in Ontario through provincial/federal and private insurance plans listed below:

Provincial/Federal Insurance:
Most patients that have drug coverage through the following plans do not pay for PrEP out of pocket. PrEP Rx can provide financial assistance for up to $100/ month to help cover copays and deductibles. If you are currently not enrolled in any of the programs below, our team can assist with applying to the Trillium Drug Program. Please contact us for more details.

Private Insurance:
Most private insurance plans cover PrEP. For patients without 100% coverage, PrEP Rx can provide financial assistance for up to $100/ month. As a result, most of our patients have zero out of pocket costs. Please contact us to speak with our team and learn more.

PrEP Rx can assist with securing compassionate supply for up to 3 months for patients who wish to start on PrEP, and are currently in the process of securing insurance coverage.

Not sure if you will be covered? Contact our team to discuss coverage options today!